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They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. Well, sometimes, the only equipment that’s good enough is Three Wise Monkeys Climbing.

What’s New
  • Comp Routes Unveiled

    Get Practicing! The first of our winter climbing competitions will soon be upon us on 15th December…
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  • The #WiseWinterMonkeys Climbing Competitions

    We had a great time at our opening comps, and more recently at our freshers comp to welcome the new …
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  • This is not a flash sale, this is the new normal, and the high street shops probably won't like it...

    I always knew that the climbing wall, gear shop and café combo would be the winner it's turning out…
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  • Maximising your climbing sessions - the secret to achieving your climbing goals without ‘training’ for climbing:

    Summer’s definitely gone, but hey, it’s ok. This happens every year. It’s that time of year…
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  • Fun Bouldering Competition Results

    Congratulations to everyone who came along and entered our first ever bouldering competition during …
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Well, we did it. An awesome new Indoor Climbing Centre in Fort William. No more nothing to do on a rainy day, no more nothing to do on the dark winter evenings. It’s ok though, as we’re not stopping there.

3 Wise Monkeys happened because we believe the UK climbing community deserves better – and we’re pushing ourselves all the time to make that happen – want to sign up for the ride? Well, why are you reading this? You should be here climbing!

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