Bouldering at 3 Wise Monkeys Climbing is one of our core activities. It’s brilliant fun, requires no specialist knowledge and minimal equipment (available for hire) to have a go!


Entry prices start at £9.00 for adults, £7.00 for concessions, or £6.00 for children. Click here to see our full list of prices.

Regular climbers can take advantage of the added benefits of our unlimited climbing membership.

Our bouldering wall hosts 8 graded circuits, with approximately 10 boulder problems per circuit. Each circuit will follow a certain colour of holds, and have an allocated grade range. The circuits will overlap in difficulty slightly, so you should find that you have something to warm up on, something to complete, and something to challenge you.


What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a simple and fun discipline of climbing which can be done on outdoor boulders, or purpose-built indoor bouldering walls. Bouldering is a great way to get to grips with the climbing movement techniques needed in the sport of climbing.

Bouldering can be used as training for harder climbing, or as a sport in its own right. 3 Wise Monkeys bouldering wall is exactly the kind of wall to establish, progress and nurture your love of bouldering, which can be done on your own or as part of a group.


Indoor Bouldering

Indoor bouldering at 3 Wise Monkeys Climbing involves climbing up our purpose-built walls via the separately coloured routes, known as boulder problems. Each boulder problem has an estimated degree of difficulty, referred to as the grade, so you know what to expect before setting off.

No ropes are used during indoor bouldering as the walls don’t reach particularly high, (a maximum of 4.3 metres). Instead, a large safety mat fills the floor space below a bouldering wall; designed to reduce the risk of injury in an uncontrolled fall.


Most boulderers will use specialist rock climbing shoes with super grippy rubber, as well as chalk to keep their hands dry. Both of these are optional and otherwise no specialist equipment or knowledge is required; you could start bouldering straight away after getting a few pointers from our friendly staff team.

Outdoor Bouldering


Outdoor bouldering is much the same as indoor bouldering, although changes greatly depending on the venue you visit. The principle of ascending a similarly sized object remains exactly the same. However, outdoor bouldering takes place on quite small crags or…yes, you guessed it… boulders! In order to get the most out of outdoor bouldering, your own bouldering mat will enable you to climb where landings aren’t ideal. Three Wise Monkeys Climbing Shop stocks the perfect bouldering mat for you, as well as the knowledge and advice that you’ll need for buying it, using it, maintaining it, and making the most out of it.



Why is Bouldering so popular?

It’s just so enjoyable! Of course that statement is slightly subject to where, when and who you go bouldering with, but if you choose the right venue it’s hard to go wrong. Three Wise Monkeys Climbing will always strive to create the perfect atmosphere and conditions for indoor climbing. Whether that’s with the music we play, the interaction between staff and climbers, the quality of the boulder problems we set or the complementary café products (we’ve heard rumours that good coffee can increase your bouldering prowess by up to 257%).


Pure fun aside, bouldering is a relatively safe way to improve your technical climbing standard. Because boulder problems are generally quite short, it is possible to link together sequences of hard moves close to your ‘limit’ which can be extremely satisfying. Bouldering is often as much of a puzzle as it is a physical challenge, and the freedom to move without worrying about ropes and equipment lets you really get to grips with this pure form of climbing.


Why Bouldering is brilliant for beginners?

Bouldering is an excellent form of exercise.
Bouldering as an activity is a great form of whole body exercise, working your core stability, flexibility, agility, balance and co-ordination. Having said that, the physical entry level to the sport is actually very low – if you can just about stand on one leg, you’re fit enough to get started bouldering. Click here to read about the NHS praising the health benefits of climbing.
It has often been said that bouldering, as a form of exercise, doesn’t even feel like exercise. It can provide hours of genuine enjoyment, personal achievements, social interaction and self-satisfaction.

Bouldering is great fun for all ages and abilities.
Whether you have a fear of heights or head for heights; just taken you’re first baby steps or you’re seasoned enough to be running out of elbow grease; absolute beginner or climbing connoisseur, anyone can enjoy bouldering. Bouldering allows a climber to ascend as far up the bouldering wall as their comfort zone allows them. Whether you’re tackling the steepest overhanging wall or a ground level traverse; children, adults and elderly alike can all enjoy the same fun.

Bouldering doesn’t require a head for heights.
Although more experienced boulderers will choose to climb to the tops of the walls, there is absolutely no requirement for beginners to go anywhere near that height. Any boulder problem can be enjoyed just as much by climbing to the height of your comfort zone. Not to mention, many indoor bouldering walls have specifically set areas designed for traversing where your feet will barely leave ground level. How many other activities offer the ability to conquer you’re fear of heights with a large safety mat and nobody forcing you out of your comfort zone? Fear of heights is actually a really common issue, even amongst climbers. Our coaches are all able to help you tackle this fear in a safe and welcoming environment, just get in touch if you’re interested.

Bouldering can open a world of potential adventures.
Outdoor bouldering tends to be possible roughly anywhere where there’s some geology, making It a pretty much a globally accessible sport. Since bouldering has really come of age, exploration and discovery of new bouldering areas has led to some amazing adventure potential. How about sampling the famous sandstone in the Fontainebleau forests of France? Or perhaps climbing alongside actual monkeys on the sun scoured golden granite boulders of Hampi in India? It’s almost like the planet is one giant bouldering playground.

Bouldering is relatively cheap to start.
Back in the day when climbing was a sport reserved for tweed wearing bearded men, bouldering didn’t exist. They just called it ‘farting about on some rocks’. They certainly didn’t have any specialist equipment, and still got great enjoyment from the sport. Indoor bouldering can be sampled incredibly cheaply, with entry costs and equipment hire combined normally costing less than £10. By careful venue selection, relatively safe outdoor bouldering challenges can be tackled with no specialist equipment, especially on sandy beaches and on moorland where the ground is particularly soft.

Bouldering can be very a very sociable activity.
Climbers, in general, are quite a friendly bunch. Indoor bouldering especially can show this; with everyone clambering about having fun, it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Three Wise Monkeys Climbing will set up special social nights, where climbers new to the area or climbing on their own can know there’ll be a friendly bunch to get to know.

And the best thing about bouldering- you’re not supposed to succeed!
Bouldering is all about challenging yourself, so if you do it right, most of the time you won’t succeed, which is absolutely brilliant! Fear of failure is possibly the number one cause of adults not trying something new, but with bouldering you can relax in the knowledge that the better you are, the more you’ll probably fall off. Getting to grips with failing, and learning from it, is possibly the most important life skill anyone can have, if you don’t have it, bouldering is the answer.


So where do I start?

Get in touch with us to book an induction course if you want specific instruction, or turn up at the wall during opening hours to give it a go, you’ll just need to register with us, and get permission from a parent or guardian if you’re under 16. You can come on your own, or bring friends. It’s also perfectly fine to come in and have a look at people bouldering to see whether you think it’s for you (it’s sort of like a safari park, only cheaper). If you can’t wait for us to open to get started, you could head bouldering outside – check out our beginners guide to outdoor bouldering for advice.

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