Roped Climbing


Roped climbing at 3 Wise Monkeys Climbing is a great option whether you’re attempting to conquer you’re fear of heights, or practicing for your next redpoint.


Entry prices start at £9.00 for adults, £7.00 for concessions, or £6.00 for children. Click here to see our full list of prices.

Regular climbers can take advantage of the added benefits of our unlimited climbing membership.

Our roped climbing wall has 27 lines with up to 3 routes per line. That means that we can have up to 81 climbs on the wall at any one time.



What is Roped Climbing?

Roped climbing is a broad term for any type of climbing that generally involves two people; one belayer and one climber, both attached to the same rope(s). The climber will climb up, with their rope attached to one or more points of protection while to belayer is attached further along the rope, on standby, to try and prevent the climber from reaching the floor if they should fall off.


As a result of the extra equipment required and safety techniques involved , roped climbing requires both the climber and belayer to be instructed to a certain level of competency before they are able to climb and belay effectively, without supervision.

A lot of climbers tend to have a preference towards either roped climbing or bouldering, so its always worth trying both to find out which you enjoy most.
Roped climbing can be done on both artificial indoor climbing walls or outdoor crags.

Indoor Roped Climbing

Indoor roped climbing takes place on artificial indoor climbing walls usually taller than 5 metres. Unlike bouldering, roped climbing requires a bit more technical knowledge about using harnesses, tying certain knots and the magical art of belaying. All of our climbing instructors are experienced in teaching all of the techniques required to go roped climbing safely.


At 3 Wise Monkeys Climbing, you can either sign in as a competent climber and belayer, be signed in as a guest of a competent climbing and belayer, or book onto one of our Introduction to Climbing Courses where you can learn all of the skills required to become a competent climber and belayer in our indoor roped climbing wall.

Outdoor Roped Climbing


Outdoor roped climbing is almost a world away from indoor roped climbing. Outdoor roped climbing encapsulates so many different styles of climbing, from trad climbing, to sport climbing, multi pitch climbing, single pitch climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, aid climbing, lead climbing and many more; all slightly different, yet slightly similar in certain ways as well.


Depending on the chosen style of outdoor climbing, there are extra skills and useful bits of knowledge required to have a safe and enjoyable time. However, everything you need to know about outdoor roped climbing all starts with the key fundamentals that you can learn by starting indoor roped climbing.

What do I need in order to go roped climbing?

No roped climbing kit list is complete without a fist full of psyche! Whether you’ve got redpoint nerves, heart flutters from the heights, or weary of bad weather; a good dose of psyche will soon see it all away and ensure you have a really enjoyable climb-time!


As a bare minimum for indoor roped climbing you’ll need a climbing partner, two harnesses, a belay device, but most importantly, the knowledge of how to use it all appropriately. Beyond that, you can improve your overall climbing experience by having a good fitting pair of climbing shoes, a chalk bag, chalk to go in the chalk bag, a rope, and a jazzy pair of leggings has been reported to almost double anyone’s maximum climbing grade.


All of the knowledge you need to start indoor roped climbing can be gained on one of our Introduction to Climbing Courses. Whether you’re learning on one of our courses, or you’re a competent climber, you’ll be able to hire climbing shoes, a harness and a belay device at reception.


Rental kit is rarely designed with customer experience in mind; chunky none-sensitive climbing shoes, weird shaped belay devices and uncomfortable harnesses is the typical norm for rental climbing equipment.
Instead, we decided to go to extra lengths to make sure that our rental kit doesn’t compromise your enjoyment. All of it has been designed for climbers, with an equal balance of comfort and performance in mind.

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