Climbing Competition Results

Round 5

We threw a bit of last minute curve ball for Round 5 and decided to open all day for the competition. After a lot of exhausting overnight hours from our awesome team of route setters, we opened at 10am and the competition got under way.

The extended hours format was really well received by everyone and is definitely something we’ll look to replicate in the future!

Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media as we’ll soon be releasing information about Round 6  – The Grand Finale and our birthday celebrations on May the 4th!

For now, here’s the results from Round 5 and a big congratulations to everyone who took part!


Mens Categories

Mens Hard Mens Easy
Adam MacKintosh 146 Owen Pescod 170
Jamie Johnston 146 Craig Allott 167
Mike Pescod 139 Liam Nelis 160
Ewan McNaught 132 Daryl Lock 154
Andy Hague 126 John Allott 147
Es Tressider 117 Cameron Overend 137
Craig Allott 114 Doug Holland 129
Owen Pescod 108 Darren Chambers 126
Shaun MacLean 103 Ewen Leslie 103
Calum Hogg 98 Archie MacIntyre 100
Ali Hodnett 60
Robbie MacKay 30
Chris Cairns 20


Womens Categories

Womens Hard Womens Easy
Hannah Francis 126 Maddie Lagorio 146
Gillian Parker 118 Louise Pescod 141
Deanna Laforet 80 Siobhan Chambers 122
Lucy Nevison 111
Kaiya Clarke 111
Jimena Carlin 109
Hannah Richardson 99
Emma Holgate 95
Christine Rolin 91


U16 Categories

U16 Boys U16 Girls
Archie MacIntyre 180 Megan Pescod 177
Owen Pescod 180 Kaiya Clarke 166
Craig Allott 177 Rianne Gilchrist 153
Cameron Overend 170 Josie Bloom 148
Daniel Parfitt 136 Amy MacLean 136
Josh Parton 121


U8 Categories

U8 Boys U8 Girls
John MacLean 115 Seren Willis 165
Aaron Tressider 95 Katie Pescod 137
Isla Malcolm 76

See you all on May the 4th!

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