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Climbing With Children

We love it when children get introduced to climbing, and we’ve set out the steps below to help you find the best way to do it for you.

Experienced Adults Bringing Novice U18s:

If you are an experienced Climber that can meet the conditions to climb unsupervised yourself (able to tie in using a recognised climbing knot and safely belay and lower a climber) then you can register to supervise up to two under 18s. If you can’t meet these conditions then there are still options available to you by booking in with an instructor.

Bringing children (U18s) into the Centre

You have 4 options, depending on your level of experience and what you're looking to do:

Experienced roped climbers

Kids (U18s) can climb under the supervision of an experienced adult (over 18) roped climber. Adult climbers must be registered with us, and able to:

  • Put on a harness
  • Tie in using a recognised climbing knot
  • Belay someone safely, using a belay device

You can register online before you visit the centre. You can also register your novices online to save time once you arrive.

An experienced adult climber can supervise up to 2 novices. There is no minimum age for the novices you can supervise.

Bouldering Only

Adults that only boulder are welcome to supervise children in the bouldering wall only but cannot use the roped climbing walls unless they can complete a full registration and skills demo. You will need to register your U18s and register as their supervisor. As a novice, you can register as a boulderer and complete a quick bouldering induction. This is sufficient to enable you to supervise no more than two U18s in the bouldering wall - please accept any help or guidance from staff offered who will be on hand to encourage good practice in the bouldering wall.

Non-Experienced Climbers

To bring your children climbing you will need to book onto a course in advance, or complete a bouldering only registration.. All of our courses are bookable in advance on our courses page. There are options for full family sessions where everyone can climb, or you can book your children only onto sessions. We also offer adult courses to learn the skills necessary to supervise your own child.

Local parents:

In addition to the above options for one off climbs, We have an active Youth Programme, which is a fantastic way to introduce your child to climbing. You can find out about our Youth Programme Here..