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Our Mission

Being a Climber Isn't Really About Climbing

It's about taking yourself out of your shell, so you can reach for something that you wouldn't think possible untill you try. We realised that, and we built our company to help as many people as we could, to climb out of their own shells. We believe climbing makes people the best versions of themselves. We're here to build a future of anti-fragile, badass, planet saving, disease curing everyday heroes. To us, that shell you're wearing looks too small.


So how do we do what we do? And what is it we actually do?


No-one is actually shell shaped. We help people elevate themselves through play, because your guard needs to be down to build yourself up.


That doesn't mean it's all a joke. We take our mission seriously, and want to perform professionally while helping others achieve their goals.

Connect & Empower through Play

We connect with people, and empower them through play, every day, in a fun, friendly and safe environment where you can totally let your guard down.

We're Always Dangling a Carrot:

We're always dangling a carrot - that next goal, that next milestone to guide you on your way. We help people get there with coaching, and empower individuals to be the best versions of themselves.


Gone are the days where being top dog counted even if you don't recycle. We only win when everyone/thing/place wins with us. That means we're not going to stand by while the bullies of this world pinch your lunch money. no harm to people, place or planet. not on our watch.


Why wouldn't we be proud of our mission? Why wouldn't we want to shout about it? No point keeping your unicorns and rainbows hidden in your sock drawer now is there!

Dirty laundry:

We're aware that our industry ain't squeaky clean. We're going to get the problems out and put them on show- makes it easier for Badasses to eat the problems for breakfast.

We're Promoting and Scaling our Mission

Our shell can't hold us down. Whatever we do, we have to shout about it - or the badasses might just take over the asylum.