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Lochaber Bouldering Map

Here it is! A comprehensive guide to bouldering locations in and around Fort William. Strictly speaking not every location is in Lochaber, but there were a couple of outlying locations that we just couldn't disclude. As it stands, at the time of initial publication, all of the locations are, at most, just over an hours drive from Fort William. Wait! What do you mean "as it stands"? You guessed it. We've not yet hit the boundaries of where we see this map going.

As it stands... we've uploaded just enough to give you a bit of inspiration. But the beauty of bouldering in Lochaber is that there's so much yet to explore. If you know of or find any potential boulders that you think should be shared with the world, drop us a message and we'd be happy to add it to the map - you might even get a shout out.

What about topos and problem descriptions? You're right. As it stands there aren't any detailed topos for any of the boulders. We're holding fire on that just for now. The biggest problem that we've found with bouldering in Lochaber so far is: - Knowing what there is, and - knowing where it is. Once we've ticked these boxes for all of the known bouldering spots in Lochaber, then we'll get going on some decent topos. After all, a topo won't do you any good if you don't know where you're going, how to get there, or what kind of bouldering destination it is. If you're absolutely desperate for a topo, the area definitely gets a good shout out in the guidebooks: Bouldering in Scotland & Boulder Britain. They've got some good topos for the most popular boulders, but when you've been there and done that, where do you go next? The first, best and only attempt (to date) to make a comprehensive bouldering guidebook for the area was Tom Ballard's guidebook, Glen Nevis Bouldering. It specifically covers the area of Glen Nevis, and it does so in meticulous detail. Unfortunately, it's no longer in print, so you might have to ask around to find a spare copy nowadays.

Take a look at our map and see if anything else strikes your interest.

Which boulders would you recommend?

At the moment, we haven't even finished gathering and adding all of the details for the boulders that we know about. So if you see a boulder marked on the map with no details, don't go thinking that it's not worthwhile visiting. As a general rule, any boulder that has a parking location and approach path, should have enough information to give you a good idea of what kind of bouldering location it is. We've done our best in the descriptions to highlight certain venues that are either child friendly, in need of brushing, wet weather options or any other qwerks that makes it unique or appealing. I saw a big boulder somewhere the other day! Believe it or not, it's not always boulderers who find the best boulders. After all, they're too busy bouldering, not exploring. If you think you've found another bouldering location, or if you've secretly been sending all of the projects on a newly discovered boulder and are ready to share it with the world - give us a shout. Send us an email on team@threewisemonkeysclimbing or pop in for a chat - we'd love to add it to the map.